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- What's it all about?
- WHEN is it?
- Where should we CleanUP?
- WHAT YOU NEED for your CleanUP:
- What should we do with the trash after the CleanUP?
- How will this protect our waterways?
- Thank you to all of our 2013 Earth Day CleanUP Participants! Listing and Results

What's it all about?

Volunteer to organize a rewarding project that will serve your community and the environment! It just takes a few hours of your time to help clean up a location of your choice, in your neighborhood. Additional information for planning and carrying out your CleanUP is provided in the program brochure.

WHEN is it?
  • Groups may choose a date for their CleanUP anytime before Earth Day, April 22.
  • Free trash bags available while supplies last! Call 234-1726 with your request.

Where should we CleanUP?
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There is (unfortunately) not usually a shortage of areas nearby that need your help. Scout around for a location that you'd like to see improved. These areas may be stream banks, a lakeside beach, an abandoned lot with overgrown weeds, a littered park or recreational area, or a trashed roadway. When selecting a site, keep in mind accessibility, rest rooms, and the presence of poison ivy.

  • If on private land, you will need to get the owner's permission.
  • If on public land, make your intensions known to the town or state agency responsible for the property.

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WHAT YOU NEED for your CleanUP:
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  • CleanUP Report Form
  • CleanUP Instructions and Tips Brochure
  • First aid kit
  • Orange cones at any trash collection site along a road.
  • Life jackets for very young volunteers if you're working near water.
  • Camera and film
  • Work gloves
  • Trash bags
  • Rakes, shovels and/or pitchforks
  • If you are near water, waders, high rubber boots, old shoes or sneakers
  • Insect/tick repellent
  • Refreshments

What should we do with the trash after the CleanUP?

Often you can enlist the town's support for trash pickup if needed.

We encourage you to recycle items that can be recycled. For a list of recyclable materials, see

To receive a thank you and to be added to the Greater Rochester Earth Day CleanUP Tally Submit a
CleanUP Report Form

or print and mail to:

Delta Laboratories
410 White Spruce Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14623

If you need more information, contact Delta Labs at: or call 585-234-1726.

How will this protect our waterways?
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Cleaning human debris from the environment does more than simply make it look better.

  • It helps protect aquatic life that may view waste as food or a place to live,
  • It helps curbs pollution, and the spread of disease.
  • People treat trash-free areas with greater respect and care.

Waste enters a stream in a number of ways. Storm drains collect storm water from our neighborhoods, parking lots and other public areas, and this water is not treated before it reaches our local waterways. This means that garbage that ends up in a storm drain is washed directly to our streams and rivers. Litter from recreational use and sometimes intentional dumping also pollutes our water resources.

Our waterways provide us with fresh drinking water, great recreational opportunities, and a welcome respite for our busy lives. Let's do our part to preserve and protect them.

Delta Laboratories, Inc
410 White Spruce Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14623
P 585.234.1726
F 585.424.2485

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